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In a Nutshell - MBA Financial Management

Master program:
Financial Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Program structure:
4 semester fulltime
Program start:
winter semester (October 1)
A bachelor’s degree (or higher) in the field of Business Administration or an equivalent entrance qualification, TOEFL Test, work experience of two years or more.
accredited by FIBAA 2016
Language of instruction:
English (no German language proficiency required in the main courses)
Deadline for winter semester: August 15th
Program director:


The MBA program Financial Management is a general management program with a specification on the fundamental principles of finance, accounting and budgetary control. The following areas are examined: 

  • the role of money and financial markets,
  • financial analysis
  • the function of investment markets and decision-making techniques (including behavioral and information management tools) necessary for effective management of a company´s resources

The goal of the program is to provide students with the set of skills required for a CFO position.

The growing number of German “hidden champions” – small and midsized companies, often family owned – with increasingly international business and their corresponding opportunities and problems is a further element of the program. In addition to the theoretical and practical contents of the program relating to financial tasks of companies, strong emphasis is given to the development of student’s social competencies and intercultural skills.

As the program is internationally oriented, it is especially open for foreign students; in the current class we have 27 different nationalities. German language skills are not required at the beginning of the program. In the first academic year, all classes are held in English; in the second year some electives might be also in German. German language classes are offered at various levels of proficiency or those with none or minor German language abilities. In order to fully exploit all potential opportunities for the internship in the third semester, it is strongly recommended to improve German language skills during the first year.

In order to get a good impression of how studying Financial Management at Coburg University is like, you can read our brochure Financial Management (14 MB).

Program Contents

Core Subjects of the MBA-program are:

General Management

  • Human Resource Management and Leadership
  • International Accounting and Control
  • International Tax and Legal Systems
  • Intercultural Management and Ethics
  • Business Policy and Strategy and international Marketing
  • Information and Communication Systems

Specialization in Financial Management

  • Fundamentals of Financial Management and Economics
  • Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Treasury Management
  • Risk Management

In addition to these core subjects, strong emphasis is placed on the development of students’ social competencies. Business simulation and project management play an important role in the MBA-program. After the internship in the third semester, students complete the MBA program at Coburg University with their master’s thesis.

An overwiew of the core modules, base modules and electives: Financial Management Program Structure

Examination Regulations

Download examination regulations

Student Ambassadors

We all study in the current MBA class and will answer your questions from our own experience. So if you want to know, how life feels in Coburg, how to solve visa issues and what's actually in the master program Financial Management, just drop an email.

Tapiwa Philip Mutsengi
Jose Galvan-Marquez
Khaled Al Mahayni
Khaled Al Mahayni
Wenyan Huang
Wenyan Huang


An internship is a key element of this program. In their internship, students practice the theoretical knowledge and skills obtained in the program, as well as become familiar with German business life – especially with large sized “Mittelstand” companies and international corporations. The internship takes place during the third semester of the program and lasts about 20 weeks. German students (who have never studied or worked abroad) are required to do the internship abroad.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in the field of Business Administration with good results (2.5 on the German grading scale or a 2.5 GPA on a four-point scale) or an equivalent entrance qualification (such as the GMAT; Graduate Management Admission Test); work experience of two years in total is required.

Applicants with a degree in a different field must have at least one year (out of two) of experience in the field of commerce.

Applicants must also successfully participate in the selection procedure, which includes a subject related interview. Proficiency in the English language is also required (i.e. UNIcert® II, TOEFL 570, CBTOEFL 230, IELTS 6,5).

Important Dates for DAAD scholarship applicants

The confirmation letter must be received fifteen days before the deadline for the DAAD application latest


  • Fill in the application online
  • print it out and send a signed hard copy with all required documents by post.

Required Documents:

  • Completed Application, printed out and signed
  • two passport-size photos
  • official certified copies of all Diplomas
  • original transcripts of grades or official copies
  • GMAT Scores (recommended) (institution code number for GMAT is 7450)
  • TOEFL/IELTS or UNICERT (for english language) scores (institution code number for TOEFL is 7450)
  • copy of passport

Application for DAAD confirmation letter

For a DAAD confirmation letter applicants have to send these documents scanned by e-mail:

  • Motivation Letter and Curriculum Vitae with photo
  • Scanned Diplomas or scanned official certified copies
  • Scanned Transcripts of grades or scanned official copies
  • Scanned GMAT Scores (recommended) (institution code number for GMAT is 7450)
  • Scanned TOEFL/IELTS or UNICERT (for english language) Scores (institution code number for TOEFL is 7450)
  • Copy of passport

Tuition fees & Scholarship

Tuition fees for the four semester program are 7,800 EUR (or 1,950 EUR per semester) -  it will be 2,350 EUR per semester from October 2018. In addition, students are required to pay an enrollment fee of approximately 100 EUR every semester. If a fifth semester is required to complete the program, the tuition fee for this semester is 50% of the fee quoted above.

Coburg University does not offer scholarships for MBA students, but there are many organizations in Germany which provide scholarships for students from abroad. More information about German scholarships can be found at

Information regarding scholarships for students from Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Hungary can be found at

Job Perspectives

Most of the graduates (80% as of summer 2015) find their first position in Germany. Generally, our graduates are employed in internationally operating companies in Germany or abroad.
Typically graduates find a position in their expected discipline (Finance, Management Accounting, General Management, or similar fields) in international companies. Typical roles are: Finance Director, Financial Controller, Corporate Treasurer, Financial Analysis Manager, SAP Consultant, FX Manager, Risk Analyst or officer of the Banking Supervisory Authority.
Recently (2015), graduates have found positions at Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Société Générale, Raiffeisen Bank, SAP, Siemens, Henkel, Bosch, Brose, Linde Group, Opel, Volkswagen, Volvo, MAN, Nokia, E-on and Metro.

Unlike at larger universities throughout the world, you will not need binoculars in order to see your professor at Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Here, we offer you a first-class education with personal service. When you are moving to study in a different country, there are many things to consider. No need to worry, though! We will guide you through the most important steps in organizing your time at Coburg University: Our support for international students

We organize special events, e.g. at the "Hofstadt Gärtnerei" in Bamberg.
You'll also get to know the culture of our country. Here: students are cooking traditional german food.
Spending some leisure time in Coburg
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